Self Help

Second Chances

“If it weren’t for second chances, we’d all be alone.” -Gregory Alan Isakov
Listening to the song Second Chances in my earbuds today as I shoveled out from a snowstorm, I noticed this line for the first time. I thought yeah, how true. We all mess up sometimes, especially with the people who mean the most to us. In fact, it’s one of the ways we learn, evolve, and develop empathy. With the people we love and care about, we generally give each other second chances. Sometimes even third and fourth chances. Hopefully, we communicate in healthy ways and work on our issues together. At the same time, we learn to live with certain traits or behaviors that annoy us. Because on balance, it’s worth it. And hopefully, our loved ones do the same for us. If they didn’t, if we didn’t…well, like Gregory says: we’d all be alone.
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She Asked Me Why

There is a survivor I know. Just a little, but enough to understand that she is sensitive, courageous and outspoken about what she has been through – and what she is still going through. Her candor is rare and powerful, and so is she. I’ll call this person Audrey – a name that means “noble strength.” Audrey was sexually abused as a child. Like so many of us, her innocence was stolen and her sense of self was shaken by the twisted actions of a person she should have been able to trust.

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