We deserve to have a voice

We have the right to speak up, talk about our trauma, and express our feelings and needs. We deserve to be heard by loved ones without facing efforts to shut us down or shame us into silence.

We deserve to be believed

We are the only authorities on our trauma. We deserve to be believed when we tell our stories. We do not deserve to have our trauma denied, minimized or ignored.

We deserve to have our feelings respected

Our feelings matter as much as anyone else’s. No one should ever pressure us into situations that make us uncomfortable, or that might be triggering.

We deserve to be free from backlash

No one has a right to punish us, either directly or otherwise, for making our own emotional needs a priority. We should not be subjected to backlash from loved ones simply because we tell the truth or fail to participate in a family group mentality that goes against our values and needs.