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Truth & Consequences is a podcast about trauma and its aftermath. As your host, I talk about the difficult and often surprising challenges that affect us in the wake of trauma and other life-altering events.

One of the major topics I’ll cover is the unfortunate and common phenomenon of revictimization. A phenomenon many people are not aware of, revictimization is what happens when a person who has been affected by a traumatic experience or victimized in some way is then re-injured as a result. Common examples include when a survivor is victim-blamed, ostracized, rejected, taken advantage of by others, or told to move on and stop talking about their trauma and/or recovery. It can affect survivors even worse when we are hurt by people and systems that should be there to help and support us, as in the case of “the second wound”.

All these types of responses add additional layers of hurt and destruction to a survivor’s life.

On the podcast, I invite survivors of all kinds to tell us their stories and explain what hurt, what helped, and why. I speak with fellow professionals and discuss how we can better understand what survivors need, how to advocate for ourselves, and how to offer help to others who need and deserve support. We will also talk about the prevention of abuse, assault…and many other topics.

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