What is the Second Wound?

Welcome to The Second Wound, a site for survivors of trauma, including sexual abuse and assault. The Second Wound was created to address re-victimization, a surprisingly common phenomenon in which survivors experience victim-blaming, denial, and other damaging responses to their painful life experiences. In a high percentage of cases, family members, friends, and even some professionals:

  • Fail to believe the truth
  • Minimize survivors’ experiences
  • Blame, shame, and scapegoat survivors 
  • Lie about survivors and launch smear campaigns
  • Ostracize survivors
  • Exclude survivors from group and family activities (even as they include perpetrators of abuse) 
  • and attempt to silence survivors

These devastating responses are far more common than most people realize. Already wounded, survivors end up feeling blindsided, confused, and alone. All while they work to heal from their original trauma. These behaviors create a “second wound” that has no endpoint. What’s worse, it often mirrors the elements of abuse and assault, leaving survivors feeling ashamed and powerless.

The Second Wound is a site where you can come to feel understood, supported, and empowered by those who truly understand, your fellow survivors. 

You may need guidance as you navigate the minefield of destructive reactions to the truth. I believe that you can overcome this second wound and lead a healthy, fulfilling life. As a fellow survivor with a Masters in Social Work, I understand and I am here to help. 

You are not a troublemaker. You are a truth-teller.

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