Statement Miranda Pacchiana Statement on Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against My Brother, Adam Savage of Mythbusters My name is Miranda Savage Pacchiana and I am a survivor of child sexual abuse. My older brother, Adam Savage sexually assaulted me repeatedly over the course of several years, starting when I was seven years old.

As a child, this experience shook my sense of safety and crushed my self-confidence. For decades afterward, I dealt with periods of depression and near-constant anxiety. These symptoms interfered with all aspects of my life, stunting my career aspirations, and robbing me of countless simple pleasures. In my mid-twenties, I sought treatment for the abuse and so began a long, arduous process of working to address the emotional impact of my trauma.
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You are not a troublemaker. You are a truth teller. “As if the abuse wasn’t bad enough.” - A Survivor The truth hurts. But it helps so much more. Who’s to say what survivors need and deserve? Survivors, that’s who.

What is the Second Wound?

If telling the truth will ruin your family, there is something very wrong with your family that only the TRUTH can fix.

Many survivors feel re-victimized by our own families when we speak up about sexual abuse or assault. In a surprisingly high number of cases, family members fail to believe survivors, minimize our trauma and blame us for causing trouble in the family. They ostracize, scapegoat, shame, and silence us. They leave us out of family events–even as they include our perpetrators. These hurtful responses are far more widespread and detrimental than most people recognize. 

Survivors end up feeling blindsided, confused, and alone, all while we work to heal from our original trauma. Meanwhile, these behaviors create a “second wound” which mirrors the abuse itself and has no endpoint.

The Second Wound is a site where we can feel understood, supported, and empowered by the people who truly get it, our fellow survivors. We are not troublemakers. We are truth-tellers.

If you are a survivor, you need guidance as you navigate the minefield of family reactions. You need to know you can overcome this second wound and lead a healthy, fulfilling life. As a fellow survivor with a Masters in Social Work, I understand what you’re going through and I am here to help. (Read my story on the About page.)